A Provider of People Solutions

Aegis Consulting is a boutique, retained, executive search firm dedicated to excellence and time-liness of results. We employ a proven methodology in the execution of assignments from strategic executive hires to rare functional specialists. Quality, discipline, and thoroughness are the hallmarks of our practice, producing greater success for clients and better access to and knowledge of the best prospects and candidates. We sustain long-term relationships with our clients and we enjoy a plethora of repeat business. Most often our new clients are the result of our satisfied current clients recommending and introducing us to others, confident that we will deliver exceptional results.

Our mission is not to be all things to all people, but to be experts focused on recruiting senior management and key technology, operations, marketing, research and business development executives in select markets. We limit the number of searches we take on in order to provide this high level of service. Such focus affords us time and resources to dedicate to preferred clients while ensuring a full-market view of candidates with few off-limits restrictions. We are at our finest when:

  • Finding strategic, difficult-to-locate-and-entice individuals for those situations when cultural and contextual fit are key to the executive's success
  • Helping to staff the core executive management teams for new groups, divisions, or practice areas
  • Recruiting professionals with in-depth expertise in the ongoing convergence of strategy, marketing/sales, and technology