We understand that every search is different and every client has particular needs. Although we tailor each search to our client's needs, our methodology to find the best-qualified candidate remains essentially the same. At the same time, we maintain a balance between speed of completion and thoroughness of research without losing quality.


  • Understanding the Client's Needs Upon assignment start-up, we meet with key client executives to discuss in-depth the position and the organization because a thorough understanding of our client's needs, business, and culture is essential to a successful recruitment.
  • Position Specification and Search Strategy Working in close partnership with the client, we develop a Position Description which provides a summary of the client company and the position, and delineates the required core competencies of the ideal candidate. At this time we customize a search strategy based on defining the parameters of our research and selection processes.
  • Research and Candidate Identification We create a Target List of companies in which we are likely to find the right person. We then thoroughly research those companies to identify the individuals who meet the client's requirements. Through our extensive database and network of contacts, we also identify potential industry sources and referrals.
  • Candidate Development We call the identified prospects to determine their qualifications, background fit, and interest level. In addition, we make source calls to develop a clearer picture of the market and to widen the network of potential candidates. This process allows us to uncover and investigate people who are outside the normal parameters. By obtaining a broad spectrum, we gain a full market view and are able to introduce those candidates who are not the "usual suspects."
  • Client Review Meeting Once the telephone screening is completed, we meet with our client to discuss our results and to narrow the pool of people to the most promising prospects.
  • Candidate Interviews and Evaluation We conduct rigorous in-person interviews of the selected individuals, usually in half-day sessions. We also conduct preliminary reference checks and verify academic degrees.
  • Candidate/Client Interviews After our interviews are completed, we provide our client feedback to ensure that he/she and the selection panel will be meeting only the most appropriate candidates. We make the arrangements for these interviews, including travel. If desired, we also prepare for the interviewer(s) a detailed candidate profile, outlining the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, current situation, and background.
  • Selection Process and In-depth Reference Checks We assist our client through the final selection process. Once the client selects the final candidate, we conduct comprehensive reference checks with professionals who can provide insights about the candidate's qualifications and personal abilities.
  • Negotiations and Completion of Search We assist in negotiating and structuring the compensation package. Once an offer has been extended, we work with the candidate to ensure a smooth and successful exit from his/her company.